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by Wilfrid Kroath
Dare to Suck - Inspiring changemakers opening up to young adults (and their parents)

Peppe & Magnus: The US election outcome and the importance of a functioning democratic process.


This special edition has been inspired by the 2020 US presidential election. 
The journalist-, podcaster-, and producer team Peppe and Magnus have been living in Santa Monica, Los Angeles for almost eight years and will provide us with refreshing perspectives and insights.
When preparing for this episode, our main intention was to have a look at the political landscape of the United States of America. We ended up with a much deeper (global) analysis of what is important in order to be part of the democratic process and an insightful, evolving human being. 

The Top 5 key takeaways from their story:

  1. Without political discussion, democracy dies. Things will not change unless people get engaged and speak up about their beliefs and get engaged. 
  2. Bear in mind before complaining about leaders, politicians, or their agenda: it is us who are creating them. It is us who are voting for them. It is us who give them space to say and do what they say and do.
  3. Journalism is a hugely important part of democracy. Calling journalists “enemies”, stifles transparency and cripples the democratic process.
  4. Have you won more often in your life than you have actually gambled? How much of your brilliance is connected to you as an individual and how much is connected to the circumstances you have been born in?
  5. Accept when you are wrong. Be generally more interested in learning new things than being right all the time.

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by Wilfrid Kroath