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by Wilfrid Kroath
Dare to Suck - Inspiring changemakers opening up to young adults (and their parents)

Susanne Lindroos: Her meal kit concept "Sannan Ruokakassi" was hip from the start but took years to become a hit


We are always reminded of Peter Drucker when stating that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. 
This quote also summarizes Susanne´s situation pretty well when she started to ramp-up her meal kit concept "Sannan Ruokakassi". 
Easier, faster, and more healthy ways to cook should be a no-brainer for everybody who is preparing food but getting people to purchase meals-as-a-service can be a fight against windmills.
Find out how Susanna still managed to persuade doubters and grow her business.

The Top 5 key takeaways from his story:

  1. Believe in your idea but start small.
  2. Ask for help if you need help.
  3. Build up your network.
  4. Have a clear definition of your ideal customer profile but spread your offering through different channels.
  5. No shaming in failing. It means that you have at least tried.

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Episode 9

by Wilfrid Kroath