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Daughter of a Hoarder

Daughter of a Hoarder

Daughter of a Hoarder

About Daughter of a Hoarder

Daughter of a Hoarder is a podcast show that promotes conscious consumption, sustainable fashion and wardrobe wellness. Ruby invites guests and friends to talk all topics surrounding consumerism and how the fashion industry is impacting society and our planet. Entertaining and informative, this light hearted approach aims to encourage listeners to become more closet conscious. Ruby's dad's house was always kept meticulously clean and tidy under the rein of her step-mum, but her mum's house was a chaotic swamp with every bedroom, corridor and bathtub filled with clothes, shoes and bags. Ruby's mum is a self confessed hoarder. After closing her second hand designer store back in 2014, all of the leftover stock was then brought home, and over the years, the piles of clothing just kept growing. Ruby's mum is forever promising that she will eventually sort through and sell it all ‘one day’, but in the meantime Ruby is taking the reins on this one. After growing up in these contrasting households, Ruby now takes great pleasure in tidying, organising and decluttering whilst also having a passion for second hand clothing, vintage designer pieces, sustainable living and second hand commerce. Instagram @daughterofahoarder TikTok @daughterofahoarder




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