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Dear Gabby

Transform Fear and Failure into Success


Are you afraid to let go of how you think things should be? When you get hooked in to expectations of how something should be, you set yourself up for failure. Fear can hold you back in every area of life. But what if I told you there’s a simple shift that can clear this fear once and for all? In this episode, I reveal my methods for releasing the fears that hold you back by focusing on having fun in the present moment and reprogramming your fear of failure so you can attract your greatest desires. These methods will get you unstuck and clear space for you to stop blocking and start attracting!

In this episode of Dear Gabby you’ll learn:

  • How to stop future-tripping and start thriving in the present moment
  • The quickest way to stop fear in its tracks
  • How to measure your success based on how much fun you’re having
  • A 90-second technique that alleviates stress
  • My method for releasing expectations so that you can enjoy life
  • How to stay sober even when you’re afraid to fail


On the show I pulled a card from The Universe Has Your Back card deck. To check out all of my affirmation card decks, click here.

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