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by Francis Koroma

Don't Be The Flag, Be The Wind.


It was a pleasure to  have  Executive and Career Coach Terry B McDougall as my first guest.

In this Episode we talk about:

  • How quickly she was able to adapt to the new normal during and after the pandemic.
  • The biggest mistake she made in her career and what she learned from it.
  • Importance of networking and how someone who is shy learn how to network.
  • The moment she actually discover her passion and how quickly she was able to decide that is what she is going to do.

Brief Bio About Terry B McDougall
Terry Boyle McDougall is an Executive & Career Coach and CEO of Terry B. McDougall Coaching. She helps high-achieving professionals remove obstacles that keep them stuck so they can enjoy more success and satisfaction in their lives and careers. Before becoming a coach, Terry was a long-time corporate marketing executive where she led teams, developed strategies and advised senior leaders to drive business results. 

She is the author of Winning the Game of Work: Career Happiness and Success on Your Own Terms. She is also the host of the Marketing Mambo podcast. Terry is married and is a mom to three kids, ages 17-23, and a 14-year-old puggle.

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