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Deep Questions with Cal Newport

Ep. 268: Stoicism and the Deep Life

Deep Questions with Cal Newport
Deep Questions with Cal Newport

Stoicism seems to be all the rage at the moment. In what ways is it relevant to our question to live deeply in a distracted world? And in what ways is it not? Cal takes a closer look at Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and discusses his relationship with the philosophy more generally.

Below are the questions covered in today's episode (with their timestamps). Get your questions answered by Cal! Here’s the link: bit.ly/3U3sTvo

Video from today’s episode: youtube.com/calnewportmedia

Deep Dive: The Ideas from Marcus Aurelius’s, “Meditations” [2:30]

- Can I realistically make an impact as an English teacher? [35:28]

- Can a seasoned professional screenwriter switch careers after 23 years? [40:02]

- I’m an accomplished professional but lack a competitive drive to do more. Is there a way to build this? [45:34]

- How can a CEO lower his anxiety with elements of work that aren’t strengths? [54:37]

- How can I bounce back from a deflating work setback? [1:02:52]

The 5 Books Cal Read in September 2023 [1:11:07]

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Deep Questions with Cal Newport
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