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Defending Jacob After Show Podcast

AfterBuzz TV Launches 'Defending Jacob' After Show! - S1 E1-E3 'Defending Jacob' Recap & After Show


Assistant D.A, Andy Barber is assigned to solving a mysterious murder of a kid that is in the same class as his son. Things take quite the turn though as his son is immediately thrusted into the case a murder suspect and he is taken off from the case. With things becoming more and more uncertain, Andy Barber admits to his family that his family that his father who was presumed to have a died a long time ago, is actually in jail for murder. With the pre trial causing some distress for the family, tensions only rise from here as public opinion, hate and mistrust come bearing down on the family.

  • This show was hosted by LaToya Blakely (IG:Latoya.Blakely) Kay Montgomery (IG: Hostkay) and Elgin Ball (Elgin__22)

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