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by Jeff Lin & Greg Shill
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Transportation Law Symposium Special - Transportation & Finance


Transportation Law Symposium Special: Transportation & Finance

Today is the fifth in a special mini-series of episodes we are running from a first-of-its-kind academic event on law and transportation policy, the recent Symposium on The Future of Law & Transportation, hosted by the Iowa Law Review and featuring scholars from multiple disciplines.

After a brief intro from University of Iowa Law Professor and Densely Speaking co-host Greg Shill, each scholar speaks for about 12 minutes, then takes Q&A.

Pamela Foohey (Professor of Law, Indiana University-Bloomington Maurer School of Law): “Bursting the Auto Loan Bubble in the Wake of COVID-19”

Randall Johnson (Professor of Law, Mississippi College School of Law): “Why Illinois Should Eliminate Its Video Tolling Subsidy”

This panel is moderated by University of Baltimore Law Professor Audrey McFarlane.

Symposium Program

Programming note: a new season of Densely Speaking episodes in traditional interview format will begin later in the spring.

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Producer: Schuyler Pals.

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