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Llisa Demetrios: Ray and Charles Eames's granddaughter on their legacy and influence on mid century modern design

Design Better
Design Better
Show notes and transcript: https://designbetterpodcast.com/p/llisa-demetrios#details

Mid century modern design aesthetics are enduring and as relevant today as ever. Perhaps no designers influenced those philosophies more than Charles and Ray Eames whose body of work transcends media and is still being produced today.
It’s hard not to think of the Eames’ as monolithic design heroes, but today we’re taking a different look at them as human beings. We’re talking with Llisa Demetrios, Chief Curator of the Eames Institute and the granddaughter of Charles and Ray.  
In this interview, we get to know some of the personal stories behind the legendary designers, from how they met, to Llisa’s experience having two of the most creative grandparents a child could wish for.
This is the first episode of our series on design history, to be followed by interviews with legendary designers like Paula Scher and Jonathan Hoefler, design curators like Paola Antonelli, and design historians like Barry Katz.
After the interview, stay tuned for a special conversation with Heath Ceramics, founded by Edith Heath in the 1940s and which played a major role in defining the mid-century modern aesthetic.
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Llisa Demetrios is the Chief Curator for the Eames Institute, a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity that aims to equip everyone with the lessons of Ray and Charles Eames, so that anyone can solve problems through design.
Llisa has also been a bronze sculptor for over twenty years. She makes mainly in bronze material sculptures for contemplative retreats set in homes, private gardens and corporate spaces.
Additionally, Llisa has worked as an archivist for both the Eames Office and MOMA.
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