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by Stephen Griffiths
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Five Key Lessons to Choose a Graduate Program with Stephen Griffiths (Part 3/4 Grad School Mini-Series)



In this third part of the grad school mini-series, I take a step inward and share my own stories about choosing a graduate program (in my case, a marketing research MBA). I hope the lessons I share can be applicable to anyone considering a graduate degree.

Seven years ago I was nervously making some big life decisions. What graduate program was right for me? What career did I want in the long term?  I was leaning towards quitting my job to enroll in a full-time MBA program, with a focus on marketing research, but was I making the right choice? Scenarios of sky-high student debt and graduation without a job loomed in my mind.

Through the help of friends, mentors and family, I found the perfect MBA program for me and graduated with a dream job: Consumer Insights at General Mills. In this season of gratitude, I can’t help but be thankful for those who helped me make that possible.

In this podcast episode, I hope to pay it forward by sharing the five things I wish I knew before choosing a graduate school program. Whether you are fresh out of college or thinking about a mid-career switch, these lessons can guide you to a good graduate program and ensure you make the most of that experience—and land a good job.


As I mentioned in the podcast episode, I put together a free PDF that outlines the five lessons to consider when choosing a graduate program.

Just visit the site below (show notes) to get the free PDF emailed to you.



Episode 6

Season 1

by Stephen Griffiths