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by Stephen Griffiths
Digging for Insights

Intro to Skills-Based Volunteering | Clare Healy, Partners in Food Solutions (Part 1 of SBV mini-series)


Sometimes it is hard to give back during tumultuous times. One way is to use our time and technical skills (like marketing and insights) to help a non-profit organization. In this episode we hear about Partners in Food Solutions (PFS), a non-profit that helps pair corporate employees with companies in Africa who need technical expertise. 

This episode will cover several topics:

1. What is Skills-Based Volunteering (SBV)? How it works non-profits like PFS
2. What are the five main reasons to do Skills-Based Volunteering?
3. Four main ways to get started with Skills-Based Volunteering, no matter where you work.


Episode 14

Season 1

by Stephen Griffiths