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by Stephen Griffiths
Digging for Insights

Job Search Strategy during COVID-19 | Virginia Roher, Executive Recruiter at O'Connell Group


Searching for a job is never easy, but COVID-19 presents additional challenges. Join me as we hear from Virginia Roher, a Fortune 500 Executive Recruiter who has personally hired hundreds of marketing and insights professionals, as she shares advice for job seekers everywhere, especially during this unprecedented time. In this episode, Virginia sheds light on a number of job search questions:

  • What types of companies are still hiring during COVID-19?
  • How has the job recruiting process changed?
  • What steps should job seekers take during this pandemic?
  • Should job seekers be open to taking a pay cut to get a job at this time?

Whether you are a job seeker, know someone who is looking for a job or simply want to hear career advice from a recruiter who specializes in brand and consumer insights, I hope this episode can provide some guidance at this difficult time.


Episode 12

Season 1

by Stephen Griffiths