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by Stephen Griffiths
Digging for Insights

Report: Ad Effectiveness of new media like Spotify, Hulu & Podcasts | SVP at Analytic Partners, Mike Menkes


Should companies be advertising on emerging media platforms like Spotify, Hulu & Podcasts? To answer this question, Analytic Partners--a global advertising consultancy and tech company--published a new report on the effectiveness of advertising on newer media platforms like streaming audio (Spotify, iHeartRadio), Over-the-top (Netflix, Hulu), and Podcasts, and how these methods compare to traditional levers like Radio and TV.

Join us with for an interview with Senior Vice President Mike Menkes where we discuss the recent report, get more clarity and depth on several topics and gain practical advice for companies who seek to reach customers with advertising. 


Episode 10

by Stephen Griffiths