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by Kevin She / Scott Jensen
Digital to Foot Traffic - Online Marketing Guide for Retail Stores

Managing Class A Self-Storage with Rob Madsen


Rob Madsen is the President of U-Lock Mini Storage Group, a company dedicated to helping you make the most of your moving and storage experience. He is born into the storage industry and has evolved from the basics of maintenance, operations, and construction to the full oversight of developing and growing a multi-facility class A portfolio of self-storage properties.

During the episode, you will learn so much about the storage industry. From his several years of experience, he shares his know-how in the field, not only in storage but in the supply chain management, in general. He also gives some pointers on what to consider when building a website in order to attract more traffic. For brick-and-mortar store owners, you will definitely gain so much from this episode from constructing your businesses to expanding it.


U-Lock Mini Storage

Self Storage Association

Inside Self-Storage

Time Stamps:

01:42 – Rob’s background in the storage industry

04:03 – The size and growth of his company

06:40 – Moving from yellow pages to digital phase

10:32 – Allocating the budget digitally

12:09 – Using Social Media in increasing customers

17:53 – Competing with the big REITs

22:19 – Customers vs. Cost

27:02 – Allocating the advertising budget

32:21 – Participating in charities

38:05 – Pointers for brick-and-mortar stores website

42:07 – Working with different agencies

45:10 – The future of SCM

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Episode 16

by Kevin She / Scott Jensen