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by Kevin She / Scott Jensen
Digital to Foot Traffic - Online Marketing Guide for Retail Stores

Paid Social with Jon Quinton


Jon Quinton is a Digital Marketing Consultant at Overdrive Digital, a company that helps businesses grow through digital marketing, including support with paid social and SEO campaigns. He has several experiences in online marketing for over 10 years and has speaking engagements at several conferences relative to the industry.

We have discussed paid search campaign in our previous episodes; and on this one, we talk about paid social campaigns primarily on Facebook, which is one of the most used social platforms on the internet. Jon shares tips and strategies on how to use Facebook in increasing conversions for your businesses. He explains the methods for Facebook targeting and effectively setting up ads. Listen to this conversation and learn how paid social works, how to use it, and how to convert Facebook users into customers.

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DTFT 5 Show Notes:


Company - Overdrivedigital.co.uk

Email - Jon@overdrivedigital.co.uk

Time Stamps: 01:11 – Jon and the company 05:39 – Difference between Paid Search and Paid Social 07:32 – Stores that work best with Paid Social 12:00 – Facebook’s targeting in terms of location 14:03 – Promotional setting 19:07 – Facebook ad strategies for multi-item stores 21:09 – Lookalike Audiences 25:24 – Managing a Facebook fan page 27:52 – Ad setting for stores with several branches 32:43 – Paid Social in the next years 37:03 – New technologies in relation to advertising 38:33 – Tips for people new in Paid Social

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Episode 5

by Kevin She / Scott Jensen