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Knowledge creation for businesses in the digitalization era


Guest: Robin Teigland, Professor in Management of Digitalization in the Entrepreneurship and Strategy Division at Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Technology Management and Economics.

Quote: “Digitalization challenges many of the basic assumptions around the way business is being conducted for “.

  • “If you love knowledge, set it free”: this is what Robin and her team are doing with their work, focused on social networks for knowledge creation and knowledge sharing (electronic networks of practice) for tomorrow’s businesses. In fact, you can find lots of material about her projects and lectures on SlideShare!
  • Robin starts the episode explaining that, according to a recent survey she analysed, 63% of executives believes that digitalization will revolutionise their business, but only the 3% adopts some form of AI-related technology. Is a digital disruption happening, then? And how?
  • Robin is one of the main brains involved in the Peniche Ocean Watch Initiative, to rejuvenate coastal communities through enabling a blue circular economy. The initiative is located in Portugal and takes a holistic and integrated perspective on regional empowerment, digital transformation, and ocean initiatives. Reusing ocean waste for producing graphene-reinforced 3D printing material is an example of what the initiative is creating. Plus, those in the coastal community who are involved in the project are paid back in cryptocurrency. Robin is passionate about the ocean also outside her work time: she is a surfer!
  • Robin explains what the challenges of being a multi-disciplinary researcher are, and this is the advice she shares: ensuring between depth and depth, creating a collective competence, adopting consistent language across the teams, understanding what drives the individual contributors.

Check out Robin’s publications:

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