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Dinner with Schmucks

Ep 138 "It's the Size That Counts (Not the Quality)"


Episode 138 “It’s the Size That Counts (Not the Quality)” This Week’s Cast: Chris, Yajaira & Dieter This Week’s Dinner: Chicken & Dumplings Welcome back to our 2nd to last new episode of 2020! We’re continuing our remote episodes as our local numbers are getting out of control unfortunately. We are brining you what was supposed to be Episode 137 before we went completely off script and did the entire episode without a kite. This week after multiple false starts we get into our Dinner, Yajaira fills us in on Meat in America, there are some new slogans we are trying out, librarians, sushi, the cult of trump, sex toys, baby wheels, MAGA Moms, the continuing destruction of America at the tiny hands of trump, the holiday season, Canada, a new Schmuck Files, hypnotization, anti-maskers, social media, asshole drivers, a new Blast from the Past and much more! Next week will be our special Virtual Holiday Happy Hour with faces you know and love from the podcast, along with some special guest performances! The episode will be released on Festivus, Wed, December 23rd! As always, thanks for listening, and enjoy the episode. Just remember, we will be your best friends if you leave us a 5 Star rating and review on Apple Podcasts! Wanna rock some Dinner with Schmucks SWAG??? You know you do! dinnerwithschmucks.threadless.com is the official Dinner with Schmucks shop! We’re growing our YouTube channel, and we need you to subscribe today! http://bit.ly/DWSYouTube Check out our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter feeds Facebook - http://bit.ly/Facebook_DWS 
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