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Dinner with Schmucks

Ep 139.5 "The Best of... 2020"


Episode 139.5 “The Best of… 2020” This Week’s Cast: Chris, Yajaira, Dieter, and special guests! Season 4 of the Dinner with Schmucks Podcast is in the books, and so is 2020! It was a challenging year that changed the course of life for numerous folks, including some of those involved with the Podcast. These are 15 of the best clips from 2020. Enjoy! 1 (0:51) - Dieter Gets Angry (SFW) - From Episode 106 “Matchmaker” with Ashley Pontius
Cast: Chris, Yajaira, Dieter and Special Guest Comedienne Ashley Pontius
Dieter gets upset with some direction from Chris and goes off in a very safe for work kind of way. 2 (1:41) - Take That Joe Rogan - From Episode 102 “Captain Community”
Cast: Chris, Yajaira, Dieter and Dan
We gloat about ranking higher on the Congo’s podcast charts than Joe Rogan. 3 (8:00) - Day at the Fair - From Episode 105 “A Taste of Nutville” with Vikki Kenyon
Cast: Chris, Yajaira, Dieter and Special Guest Vikki Kenyon of Vikki’s Nuthouse
Vikki recounts her 1st time being a vendor at the Wayne County Fair, which Dieter and Chris attended annually growing up. 4 (11:29) - Smaht Pahk - From Episode 103 “Mustard and Bologna” The Big Game Wrap-up.
Cast: Chris & Dieter
Chris & Dieter discuss the new Smart Park feature on the Hyundai Sonata’s that was unveiled to the world during a Super Bowl commercial. 5 (13:14) - A Barber - From Episode 123 “Bumblef*ck Buddies”
Cast: Chris, Yajaira and Dieter
Yajaira recounts the time she met a Barber at the World of Beer in Tampa. 6 (17:38) - Grandma Dabs! - From Episode 130 “Grandma Dabs!”
Cast: Chris, Yajaira & Dieter
Dieter discovers a brand new bit of information to him that everyone else in the US & Canada knows, however he redeems himself with a brand new video he brought to the show. 7 (22:23) - White People Mixup - From Episode 107 “Butter, Brown Sugar, Bacon & Bleach" with Paradise Soul Food
Cast: Chris, Yajaira, Dieter and Special Guests Asia & Carolyn from Paradise Soul Food
Asia gets some notable “white” performers mixed up, Yajaira gets her Saxophone lines mixed up. 8 (25:01) - Scranton, 70’s Style - From Episode 110 “A Glitch”
Cast: Chris, Dieter and Special Guest Vince Marrone
Vince talks about his Dad’s shoe shine shop he had in downtown Scranton in the 70’s. 9 (29:18) - Bar Rescue - From Episode 113 “Prison Math”
Cast: Chris, Yajaira & Dieter
Chris & Yajaira talk about their quarantine guilty pleasure “Bar Rescue” and it’s host Jon Taffer 10 (33:28) - Bear Shit - From Episode 124 “Sunrise Surprise”
Cast: Chris & Dieter
Dieter talks about all the things he’d rather have happen to him than be killed gruesomely by a bear.

 11 (35:55) - The More You Know - From Episode 119 “Crutches”
Cast: Chris, Yajaira & Dieter
The gang talks about the first 2+ months of quarantine 2020 12 (37:20) - The Beanhammer - From Episode 115 “Cinco de Mayo Virtual Happy Hour”
Cast: Chris, Yajaira, Dieter, Ashley & Edith.
Edith talks about how she messed up her knee back in early spring. 13 (38:40) - Year Zero - From Episode 101 “Google Me B*tch!)
Cast: Chris, Yajaira & Dieter
Dieter explains how to properly count a calendar. 14 (41:59) - Next! - From Episode 126 “Next!”
Cast: Chris, Yajaira & Dieter
A discussion about movies potentially opens up a new bit for the Podcast. Dieter is not impressed! 15 (46:14) - Dieter Plans an Orgy - From Episode 135 “Elephant Ears”
Cast: Chris, Yajaira & Dieter 
After inquiring about everyone's pornography preferences, Dieter has figured out the perfect way to get that threesome he's been searching for.
 Thats it for Season 4 and 2020! Thanks for listening, we’re taking a few weeks off, but we’ll be back in early 2021 with new content! Check out our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter feeds Facebook - http://bit.ly/Facebook_DWS 
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