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Dinner with Schmucks

Ep 148 "The Gang Plays Cards Against Humanity (Again)" - A DWS Gamenight


Dinner with Schmucks Episode 148 “The Gang Plays Cards Against Humanity (Again)” - A DWS Gamenight Cast: Chris, Yajaria, Dieter, Jess, Joey, Tracy and Jackie Welcome to a special episode of the Dinner with Schmucks Podcast! It’s our Gamenight V - The Gang Plays Cards Against Humanity (Again)! We got a group together for some good old fashioned fun & games. We went back to the roots of our game nights and busted out Cards Against Humanity! We were joined by Tracy (aka Tra-vis from our 100th Episode), her friend Jackie, Jess (of Rice is Rice fame) and her husband Joey. Tracy & Jackie unfortunately had to bounce during our break, which led to an exciting finish with a tie-breaker! We hope you enjoy the latest installment of our Gamenights! If you have a suggestion for a game you think we should play, leave us a note on our Facebook page! We’re taking a week off, and we’ll be back with an all new episode in 2 weeks! If you like what you heard, be sure to subscribe to us on your favorite Podcast platform so you never miss another new episode! We also love reviews! Leave us one, and if it’s 5 stars, we’ll be your best friends! Keep up with us on Social Media: www.facebook.com/dinnerwithschmucks www.instagram.com/dinnerwithschmucks www.twitter.com/dwspodcast DWS Swag is just a click away! www.dinnerwithschmucks.threadless.com Also don’t forget about our friends: High Stick Creative www.highstickcreative.com 5 Seven 0 Designs www.5seven0designs.threadless.com New Season 5 intro/outro music: Intro - Brain Dead - A Dinner with Schmucks Original Outro - Grape Juice - Alien Disco Get it here! - https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/alien-disco/1513753114



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