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Dinner with Schmucks

Ep 152 "The Amazing 3 Man Duo"


Dinner with Schmucks
Episode 152 “The Amazing 3 Man Duo”

Cast: Chris, Yajaira, and Dieter

Dinner: Apricot Ponzu Chicken (Hello Fresh)

Welcome back everyone! Back down to the amazing 3 man duo this week (hey, that’s the episode title!). This week we discuss foot fetishes, and other kinks of the like. This weeks Hello Fresh dinner, making babies, cops drag racing, an ass-HOLE “taking” his vaccine, trumps alt twitter accounts, Rudy’s apartment being seized, the mega mlm, homosexual Jesus, PA medical marijuana cards, more magats and their election fraud conspiracies, and much more. Tucked into all of this are new editions of the Schmuck Files, Dr. Dieter’s Talkback, and Dear Asshole!

Enjoy the episode! Next week we’re taking a break, but will be releasing “Best of the Summit, Vol. 1” - 12 hand picked clips from our first two years of podcasting in PA, in Clarks Summit. Subscribe to the podcast so you can find it at the same time, same place next week!

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