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Dinner with Schmucks

Ep 153 "The Never Before Told Story"


Dinner with Schmucks Episode 153 “The Never Before Told Story” Cast: Chris, Dieter, and Marc (aka Carc) Dinner: Breakfast Burgers, Macaroni Salad & Fries Welcome back to an all new in-studio episode! Marc (aka Carc) is joining Chris & Dieter tonight behind the mics, even though Dieter cuts out early, lol. All during this weeks episode we constantly kept coming back to Television, we discussed Arrested Development, The Office, Parks & Rec, Ren & Stimpy, Connie Chung, cutting the cord, etc. We also got the long toasted “Never Before Told Story” of Marc’s year to Boston, which brought up the topic of picking up your life and moving it to another city far away, something all of us with the podcast have experience with. As usually happens with Carc episodes, there was a nostalgia element to the episode - summer jobs, old emails, college, video games, etc. We also have a brand new Schmuck Files that is on the theme of “Fast Food Melees, and a whole lot more! Thanks again for listening in this week! We also love reviews! Leave us one, and if it’s 5 stars, we’ll be your best friends! Keep up with us on Social Media: www.facebook.com/dinnerwithschmucks www.instagram.com/dinnerwithschmucks www.twitter.com/dwspodcast DWS Swag is just a click away! www.dinnerwithschmucks.threadless.com Also don’t forget about our friends: High Stick Creative www.highstickcreative.com 5 Seven 0 Designs www.5seven0designs.threadless.com New Season 5 intro/outro music: Intro - Brain Dead - A Dinner with Schmucks Original Outro - Grape Juice - Alien Disco Get it here! - https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/alien-disco/1513753114



by Moon Pigeon Podcast Network