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All Things Stevesworld!! A Conversation with Steve from Stevesworld | Episode 24


Hello Everyone and Welcome in to the 30th Episode of the Disfluencers Podcast with Brandy and Dave!  Yes, we continue Season Two by rounding out the membership of the Dis N That crew with none other than Steve from Stevesworld.  Steve has been on the YouTube scene for about a year, and livestreams multiple times a week, either on his channel or in collaboration with others, namely his Sports Talk Saturday night Stream, and, of course, Dis N That on Wednesday nights with Zip, Shep, and you’re humble narrator.

In this episode we get into Steve’s foray into YouTube, getting outside of his comfort zone with Livestreaming, and a whole lot of Disney.

Be sure to check out Steve’s YouTube channel at youtube.com/stevesworld and on all the socials.

So sit back, or, if you’re Zip, mow your lawn, and enjoy this episode with my man, Steve, from Stevesworld!

YouTube: http://youtube.com/stevesworld

Twitter: https://twitter.com/stevesworld4


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