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by Renae Saager
Ditch The Binge

Ep 72: The Connection Between Work and Food- Interview client Shannon.



I am dropping a bonus episode with my amazing client, Shannon.

Shannon talks about her history with food and body and previous attempts at controlling each (the different diets and plans or just not eating) which all ultimately left her feeling defeated.

In our work together we uncovered a big underlying belief that she kept recycling through her mind which was ultimately keeping her stuck in many areas other than just food, because how we do one thing is how we do everything.

Shannon shares about the one comment I said to her during a session that completely flipped how she viewed her food and her progress in life.

This episode is full of so many amazing takeaways from Shannon that I know you are going to feel on a deep level. Hearing how she has been able to create trust with her, truly like who she is, and be living free of food obsession is certain to inspire you.




by Renae Saager