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by Renae Saager
Ditch The Binge

Ep 74: Lucy Bartholomew- Ultra running, body image, and having many passions.


Lucy Bartholomew lives in Melbourne Australia and runs professionally for Salomon Running.

In the first half of this episode, Lucy talks about how and why she got into running ultras at the age of 15, the mental and physical repercussions she faced after finishing 3rd at Western States, and her feedback on what she would have done differently- which I was slightly taken aback by.

In the second half of the interview, Lucy and I talk about how running and social media have greatly impacted her body image, how she handles that, and why her entire life isn't "just" running.

Lucy is multi-passionate, rediculously nice, and a truly admirable and inspiring human.

Enjoy this episode.

You can connect with Lucy through her INSTAGRAM HERE.
You can also learn more about Lucy from her website HERE.

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by Renae Saager