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by Renae Saager
Ditch The Binge

Ep 81: The manual for your body.


The "manual" is the idea that we all have a set of rules and expectations for other people to follow (aka the manual).

You probably have one for your partner, your parents, coworkers, and people you see in passing.

When you think someone is being rude it is often because they aren't following the manual you have for how they "should" act.
When it's your birthday and your best friend doesn't call you, you are upset because in your manual for her, that is what she should do.
When you are driving and some dick wad cuts you off, you are angry because they shouldn't drive like that- according to your manual.
And so on.

The manual you have for others can lead to a lot of suffering in yourself because those other people are living by a different set of rules, that they think are the best!
They don't have the same manual for themselves that you have for them.

In this episode, I share more about the manual but more specifically about the one you have for your body. I hope you enjoy it!

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by Renae Saager