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by Renae Saager
Ditch The Binge

Ep 82: Surviving Peri-menopause with Dr. Amanda Roe


"What the hell is going on with my body? What's up with this stomach? Why am I so exhausted during these workouts? WHY DO I HATE EVERYONE!!"

In this episode, I chat with Dr. Amanda Roe and she breaks down what exactly perimenopause is, how it impacts your body, ways to make it through that phase in life your life with some dignity, and more.

Amanda is a women’s hormone and mindset doctor. She helps decode your body with you to improve your health, mood, & athletic performance at any age.

Dr. Roe has an online course coming up to help you work through your own specific obstacles, questions, and frustrations around perimenopause- check that out HERE.

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by Renae Saager