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462: Wil Harris: NVidia GeForce 4090, GTA 6 leak, Ted Lasso in FIFA, Return to Monkey Island, Shovel Knight Dig, Beacon Pines, Steam Deck, Cult of the Lamb, NBA 2k22, new PS5 detachable disc drive

Jeff and Christian welceom Wil Harris from Unbound.com to the show this week to discuss Nvidia's new line of graphics cards, the alleged GTA 6 leaker arrested, a disc drive add-on for PS5, Ted Lasso in FIFA, and more!
The Playlist: Vampire Survivors, Rollerdrome, Cult of the Lamb, Trackmania Turbo, NBA 2k22, Neon White, Shovel Knight Dig, Return to Monkey Island, Beacon Pines
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