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by Emily Jeffords
Do It For the Process from Emily Jeffords

"Eeew... I Have a What?" Yep! You have a BRAND


Let me see if I've got this right:You create good work (check!) You know your buyers are out there (somewhere…?)You know you can sell your work more effectively, but there's something missing. Something isn't working quite right yet, but you can't quite put your finger on it.I'm going to say a dirty word. You ready?It's your BRAND.Yep. You. You have a brand. I know… It's weird. And feels gross at first.And also kind of fancy!BUT, hear me out! Let's talk about what a brand is before we get all bristly and closed off. A brand is far more than a logo. It is far more than your website. It's not your icons, graphics, images, the tiny alligator on your shirt, the label in your coat… Your brand is the feeling people experience when they come in contact with your work. How cool is that! Now, allllll the things mentioned above absolutely matter and help to convey your brand, but they are not the brand. In fact, your brand is anything but stuffy or snobby or slimy. Your brand is beautifulAnd now that you know you have a brand, we can work to make it so much more impactful and meaningful!

And now, GO CREATE A BRAND MOOD BOARD! You can share it in our private Facebook Group too!

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Episode 64

by Emily Jeffords