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by Emily Jeffords
Do It For the Process from Emily Jeffords

Five Lies Creatives Often Believe (and Why You Will Succeed If You Don't!)


There are a lot of lies that rattle around our heads and sink into our hearts -- some are chosen (limiting beliefs we think will keep us safe), some are given to us.

In this video, we dispel these common lies so fast and so completely that their hold on our community will be massively diminished.

Before we dive in, here are a few links you might want!

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Ok, and with that, let's start busting some lies!

Lie No. 1:Your worth as a human is directly tied to the success of your workNope. Don't listen to this sneaky, toxic lie. You are always worthy and beautiful. The success of your work does not play any part in your value, however, I understand why it might feel that way at times. Let’s get to the heart of THAT longing: You want your work to be valued. And it hurts when it’s not. I get it.And again, let’s get to the heart of the issue:Any lack of “success” you might be feeling in your work can be very strategically tied to one of three thingsAn issue with the offerIs the work good?Is it resonating with your viewer?Does it resonate with you?go back to episode 2 and listen with your whole heart if you sense this might be the issue)An issue with your AUDIENCEAre there enough eyes on your work?Are they the right eyes?If this area is the issue, work to get your art in front of your idea collectors!An issue with your marketingAre you speaking to them in a way that inspires them?Is the messaging around it effective?Are your calls to action inspiring and attractive?If this is the area is the issue, then go back to the 4th video and massive up-level you marketing! You are the best representative your artwork will ever have in this world. Allow your work to the radiant.Lie No. 2: The artworld is too noisy and my work will not be seenWhat makes you different?The fact that the art world is getting busier is a GOOD THING for creativesWe are reshaping culture — the more artists thriving and active online and offline, the more comfortable and receptive the collector community will be!Lie No. 3: My creative work could never fund my lifestyle anywaysBack it up: How much money do you need to live? 40k? 100k? 200k?How many pieces of art or designs or products do you need to create to meet that goal? Break your year down into seasons - how much do you need to create in order to meet your income goals each season

Download The Artist's Year of Growth and simply work out the math, glad the goals, and let your gorgeous work do the rest!

Lie No. 4: My audience is tired of seeing what I’m makingThen why are they following you?My audience is following me BECAUSE they want to see what I’m creatingHow are they showing up when you share your work online and in-person?They are freaking in love with you!

Lie No. 5: This isn’t dependableThe main reason this lie get’s into our hearts is because we are unsure if we can depend on ourselves.


Once you learn to trust yourself, your inspiration, your habits, and your goals, you are able to trust your audience as well. They’re here for you — but they want you to lead them into a more beautiful path. SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF but also SHOW UP FOR THEM

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Episode 61

by Emily Jeffords