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by Emily Jeffords
Do It For the Process from Emily Jeffords

MHN on Share Vulnerably & GROWING Because of It -- with Morgan Harper Nichols


I have a VERY special episode for you today: a conversation with Morgan Harper Nichols. Morgan is a writer, artist, poet, singer, and SO much more. She is deeply generous with both her art and in this podcast conversation.

If you want to see Morgan's work, head here to go to her website, shop, and Instagram.

Morgan recommended a song called "Constellations" by Brenden James which you can find here.

Go follow and say "HI" to Morgan -- she really generously showed up for this sweet community during a season that was especially tiring and I'm so grateful for that.

And join The Collective! This space is designed to enable Artists to thrive. Your business is ready for growth. YOU are ready for growth. Let's grow faster and more beautifully together!


The Artist's Path to Success workshop is available until tomorrow night (May 4th) as well! It's totally free so go tune in today!

xo, Emily


Episode 67

by Emily Jeffords