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Do We Know Them?

91 - Bethenny Frankel's OUT OF TOUCH TJ Maxx Disaster + Addressing the Recent Hate We've Been Getting

Do We Know Them?
Do We Know Them?


In today's episode, LILY MARSTON and the other girl talk about a bit of situation that Bethenny Frankel created after trying to "gift" bags of used makeup to her "friends" at TJ Maxx ... which only got worse after she decided to address it. Speaking of addressing things, the girlies then finally talk about what's been going on the last couple weeks ... but only before a very obscure tiktok dive underground into the now infamous Eel Pit as well as a mine shaft a woman is digging under her home (which is also in the middle of a suburban neighborhood.)

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00:00 Intro

1:00 Bethenny Frankel's TJ Maxx Disaster

20:46 - Addressing the Hate We've Gotten Recently

35:03 - JVN Finally Talks About Dax Shepard Podcast

44:54 - Eel Pit Guy

53:11 - Lady Building Mine Tunnel Under Her House

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Do We Know Them?
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