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Do You F*cking Mind?

266. Rebuilding yourself after divorce and heartbreak with Renee Chagoury

Do You F*cking Mind?
Do You F*cking Mind?

How do you rebuild your identity after a divorce? How do you find yourself after breakup with children? Renee Chagoury is one of my oldest mates, a single mum of two girls, a schoolteacher and the founder of Sole Sisters Run Club. Her journey of rebuilding herself after a breakup instils hope that there is something else out there that you can do from the inside out that will make you a better person.



Host: Alexis Fernandez
Guest: Renee Chagoury
Executive Producer & Editor: Elise Cooper
Digital Producer: Zoe Panaretos
DYFM Social Producer: Shania Magua
Managing Producer: Sam Cavanagh

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Do You F*cking Mind?
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