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by Doctor Vs Comedian
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Episode 5: Origin Story


In this special episode of Doctor Vs Comedian, the guys discuss their “origin stories''. First, Ali discusses growing up in New Brunswick and Montreal, Quebec, going to McGill University, and then trying to figure out what to do with his life after that. He discusses his journey from working at a consumer-electronic chain store to doing his MBA to getting an IT degree. Finally Ali explains how his love of cooking led to desire to try and get a cooking show, which in turn led to stand up comedy. Next, Asif outlines what led him to pursue medicine as a career (11:22). He talks about the other careers that could have been, including occupational therapy (but not teacher’s college!). He talks about why he decided to become super specialized as a pediatric neurologist right out of medical school and the life experiences that led him to that choice. The guys then conclude by discussing how the podcast came to be!

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Episode 5

by Doctor Vs Comedian