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Episode 9: Accents & Apu / 'Medical ‘Miracles’ & Doctor Distrust


In today’s episode, after a bit of listener mail about Ali’s love of Shonda Rimes (1:00), the guys discuss the issue of actors faking accents on movies and TV shows (2:09). Ali discusses Rizwan Manji from Schitt’s Creek and Aziz Ansari. Ali even discusses how he originally auditioned for the role of Ray Bhutani on Schitt’s Creek and his own experience with using an accent in roles. We also discuss the case of Paul Sun-Hyung Lee on Kim’s Convenience. They then discuss “The Problem with Apu”, the documentary by Hari Kondabolu, and Hank Anzaria. They discuss the historical example of Peter Sellers and “The Party”. Ali then talks about Hank Azaria’s recent appearance on “Armchair Expert” with Dax Shepard and Hank’s apology to South Asians. Then, Asif talks about so-called ‘miracle cures’ in medicine and his contempt of practitioners who peddle them (21:19). Ali then counters with the question of whether patients seek miracle cures because of a distrust of doctors and the medical system. They then discuss how distrust of the medical system can affect health outcomes and touch on the issue of race and its relation to medical distrust (and discuss Michael Che from Saturday Night Live). Asif then discusses what the medical community can do to improve trust.

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Episode 9

by Doctor Vs Comedian