Doing Justice

The Pol Who Flipped


In this second episode of Doing Justice, Preet Bharara's six-part adaptation of bestselling book, Preet tells the story of former New York State Assemblyman Nelson Castro, who went undercover after being caught in a lie and helped SDNY put away a corrupt politician and his conspirators. Check back each Wednesday to hear Preet grapple with the moral dimensions of some of the cases that inspired and challenged him during his prosecutorial career. For references and a transcript, visit: Purchase the paperback of the bestselling book that inspired the podcast, Doing Justice: A Prosecutor's Thoughts on Crime, Punishment, and the Rule of Law: Doing Justice is produced in collaboration with Transmitter Media. This episode was written & produced by Shoshi Shmuluvitz. Our editor is Sara Nics and the executive producer is Gretta Cohn. The executive producer at Cafe studios is Tamara Sepper and the chief business officer is Geoff Isenman. Meral Agish fact checked this episode. And Hannis Brown composed our original music and was our mix engineer for this series. See for privacy information.


Episode 2

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