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In this fourth episode of Doing Justice, Preet Bharara’s six-part adaptation of his bestselling book, Preet recounts the twisting tale of Hassan Nemazee. For years, Nemazee, a Democratic philanthropist, pulled off multi-million dollar bank fraud to fund his extravagant lifestyle of private jets, fancy cars and expensive art…until the house of cards he built came crashing down.

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Doing Justice is produced in collaboration with Transmitter Media. This episode was written by Lacy Roberts and produced by Shoshi Shmuluvitz. The editor is Sara Nics and the executive producer is Gretta Cohn. Jessica Glazer provided production help. The executive producer at CAFE Studios is Tamara Sepper and the chief business officer is Geoff Isenman. Meral Agish fact checked this episode. And Hannis Brown composed our original music and was the mix engineer for this series.

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Episode 4

Season 1