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by Don’t Call Us Lesbians, Kate!
Don’t Call Us Lesbians, Kate!

U-Haul or UH OH?!


Welcome back, guysss! In Episode 4, we tackle the age old "lesbian" stigma *drumroll please*...bringing a U-Haul to date #2 (expediting the timeline of the relationship). We go in depth about our relationship's timeline, WHY the stigma exists, if it's really as big a deal as everyone makes it seem, our individual views on the stereotype, and the dangers of moving waaay too fast in a relationship. Short, sweet & to the point, right? Although this is our shortest episode, to date, it's packed with thought-provoking convo regarding why it's problematic to generalize any relationship/situation. Enjoy!

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by Don’t Call Us Lesbians, Kate!