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by Donovan Owens
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005 - How To Gain Confidence


Compounding confidence comes through acts of consistent courage.

Compounding Confidence

  • The build up of confidence

Consistent Courage

  • Intentionally taking action on the UNCOMFORTABLE that your intuition is guiding you toward

STORY: When I first started my own coaching business, in 2008 I knew I needed to get out my comfort zone and meet people in the community.

I FELT that this was my next step. When I say FELT, what I’m saying is: my intuition (small voice inside) nudged me and said, "Go do this."

Going out and doing this networking things was all the way against my personality at that time. I was terrified.

However, I paid attention to the nudge, took the first step, and looked up networking meetings in my area.

Then, very uncomfortably, I went to my first one. I felt all kinds of discomfort because I knew they were going to come around the table and have everyone introduce themselves and their business.

I knew people would ask me questions. I knew I’d be around people who had been doing this for awhile, and I’d be the new guy.

All of that was true.

I demonstrated the necessary courage, got that first meeting in, and earned my first layer of confidence.

That first layer of confidence showed me that I would NOT die by doing something new.

I would NOT die by meeting new people.

I would NOT die by introducing who I was and sharing my business.

Now here’s the truth: confidence is earned, and the dues must be paid consistently, or you lose the right to keep that confidence.

The way you pay the dues is by stepping into the next act of courage.

This meant I would need to show up to that networking meeting the next week.

I did that. Guess what, I had less anxiety about it. Sure, it was still uncomfortable, but the first layer of confidence that I earned, was still with me.

If I had missed that 2nd meeting, for any reason, I would have lost my right to retain that 1st layer of confidence.

My courage dues would not have been paid.

Long story short, I joined more networking groups. I started speaking at these groups. People started to become very interested in what I was doing as I become a more seasoned speaker.

Eventually, I landed a very big corporate contract from a speaking gig that I did and the right person heard me.

This would have never happened without me demonstrating courage and making the move that my intuition brilliantly guided my toward.

You must demonstrate the courage first.

It’s the only way to earn the right, to see proof that you WILL survive, and win, through the uncomfortable.

Consider this…

When you’re not actively demonstrating consistent courage, you’re REWARDING REGRET. This happens because you went against the call that your intuition (small voice) prompted you on.

You FELT what you were being called to do… and you made a choice to NOT demonstrate the courage to do it.

  • Example: You FELT that it was time to reach out to that friend that you hadn’t heard from in a long time, but you didn’t.
  • Example: You FELT that it was time to have that deep conversation, but you avoided it.
  • Example: You’ve been FEELING that it was time to make that career move, but you haven’t done it yet.
  • Example: You’ve been FEELING that it’s time to take action on your health, but instead you keep repeating what you did yesterday.

The list goes on.

We’re humans and we all go through this.

The faster you can get to the TRUTH about what it takes to gain confidence - and the TRUTH about how you may be avoiding what it takes to earn it - the faster you’ll understand that your path is through the uncomfortable.

Your path is through acts of consistent courage.

Now that you know that, where do you go from here? What is your next step?

I have it for you right here:

Answer these 6 powerful questions…

  1. What is ONE thing that your intuition (small voice) has been prompting you to do, that you’ve been avoiding?
  2. Why are you avoiding it?
  3. What’s the cost of continuing to avoid that prompting?
  4. How will your life be better if you take action on that prompting?
  5. What is the very NEXT step you can take to begin taking action?
  6. What is the specific date that YOU WILL take that NEXT step?

Get to the truth, RIGHT NOW, and answer those questions.

Once you set your date, make it non-negotiable for yourself to avoid it.

Once you take that first step, keep repeating number 5 and 6 until you have resolved/achieved the mission.

Repeat this entire process for the next thing you’ve been avoiding.

This is how you leave zero room to REWARD REGRET.

This is how you demonstrate CONSISTENT COURAGE.

This is how you build COMPOUNDING CONFIDENCE.

Hearing this information won’t be enough... ever.

You must act.

It’s time to you to go DOtheDamnWORK.

No More Excuses!


Episode 5

by Donovan Owens