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by Douglas Jacoby
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Current Issues: Escape – Lesson 4 – Computer and Internet Behaviors


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ESCAPE: Lesson 4 of 4.

Douglas Jacoby and Steve Brand have joined forces to teach a series called ESCAPE. Steve Brand is a professional counselor and expert on addictive behaviors. Here’s the provisional plan:

  1. The psychology and neurochemistry of pain, escape, and addiction. Focus: marijuana, alcohol, pain medication.
  2. Alternate fictional reality. Focus: movies, novels, worlds of gaming, TV.
  3. Fantasy proxy relationships. Focus: pornography.
  4. Computer and internet behaviors. Focus: gambling, shopping, surfing, smartphones.

The importance of not being conformed to the world (Romans 12:2), or falling prey to the many tempting avenues of “escape”.


Episode 18

Season 4

by Douglas Jacoby