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by Douglas Jacoby
Douglas Jacoby Podcast

Proverbs: Chapter 2


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Some salient points:

  • Wisdom is a true treasure.
  • The Lord wants us to be successful. This depends on our being upright.
  • Understanding follows having a right attitude.
  • When knowledge is pleasant to us, we will take joy in learning, meditating, reading...
  • Notice the contrast in Proverbs between the crooked and the upright. Crooked words, crooked paths, crooked people (2:15; 8:8; 10:9). As C.S. Lewis put it, the crooked are actually "bent" -- not upright. Someone else said "Following the path of least resistance is what makes rivers and men crooked."
  • Wisdom will keep us from bad company (the group mentioned early in chapter 1).
  • It will also protect us from the Adulteress -- the 2nd of the key women in Proverbs.
  • At the end, only those who choose wisely will remain. The wicked have no permanent place.

Challenge of the day: Seek wisdom as a treasure.


Episode 3

Season 5

by Douglas Jacoby