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by Douglas Jacoby
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Proverbs: Chapter 4


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Salient points:

  • Training instills obedience. Jesus himself underwent this process (Heb 5:9).
  • It’s easier to accept guidance from someone who accepts guidance (3:3).
  • Many years (v.10) isn’t an iron-clad promise. Like most proverbs, it’s a general truth. When we follow God we tend to live longer lives (indicated by gray hair).
  • We must guide our hearts (v.23) and keep our gaze directly ahead – stay focused! Jesus did, so we should take him as our model.
  • Final verse: Veering to the right or left means disobeying God’s word. (See Deut 5:32 etc.)

Challenge of the day:

  • Stay focused.
  • "One man has enthusiasm for thirty minutes, another for thirty days, but it is the man who has it for thirty years who makes a success of his life." — Butler (1612-1680)

Next lesson: Proverbs 5, the first of three chapters targeting sexual sin.


Episode 5

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by Douglas Jacoby