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by Douglas Jacoby
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Proverbs: Chapter 6


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Salient points:

  • Although generally we need to keep our word, because being a man or woman of our word is a matter of integrity, still there may be times when higher principles require that we break a commitment. In this case, we should press hard until we are free. It's a useful passage for counseling anyone who has made an unwise commitment.
  • The ant is a great model for us, for her industriousness. Oversleeping is the first act of indiscipline in a day we can commit. We need, therefore, to be especially wary lest we begin the day lazily, and end up being robbed of productivity and joy.
  • Troublemakers, persons who lack righteous discipline and integrity, are always stirring up dissension. We should be aware that much dissension is only the activity of an undisciplined person to rationalize sinful behavior.
  • Adultery is a particularly serious sin. Whereas nearly any capital offense in the O.T. could be settled by payment (except for first-degree murder), the adulterer can only look forward to fury and destruction.

Challenge of the day:

  • May we be self-motivated.
  • Emulate the ant, starting with the time we get up in the morning.
  • As someone put it, "Oversleeping is a mighty poor way to make your dreams come true."

Next lesson: Proverbs 7.


Episode 7

Season 5

by Douglas Jacoby