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by Douglas Jacoby
Douglas Jacoby Podcast

Proverbs: Chapter 7


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Salient points:

  • "Simple" doesn't mean unintelligent (in IQ), but deficient morally.
  • Obedience and wisdom keep us from the wayward woman.
  • The youth was looking for sin, and she found him.
  • Notice the time of day. Night is falling. It's after working hours.
  • She entices him and convinces him he won't get caught.
  • In our sex-saturated society, we need to fortify ourselves before going out into the world!
  • And we need to stay busy!


  • Stay busy!
  • Warning: "Many a man gets a reputation for being energetic when in truth he is merely fidgety."
  • Imitate the life of Christ.

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Episode 8

Season 5

by Douglas Jacoby