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by Riley Dixon & Sophie Miller
Drink More Water

4 | Get to know Riley


On this week’s episode of ‘Drink More Water’ Riley and Soph chat about their weekly highs and lows with Riley’s high being her sister's birth and becoming an Aunty. Soph is loving keeping on top of cleaning and house chores and chats about her low which was yet another incident with Oatie and another dog on her morning walk. Sophie interviews Riley and they discuss what she was like as a child and how her love of sport growing up shaped her into the disciplined person she is today. She also opens up about how her boyfriend Tainui was diagnosed with cancer when he was 17 and came through it three and a half years later. She discusses how this affected their bond and their outlook on life. Riley also chats about her motivations to become a PT and run her own business. The girls wrap up with their ‘Ask us 3’ segment answering your questions about how to use protein correctly and whether or not they believe they are “missing out” by being in long-term relationships.



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Episode 4

Season 1

by Riley Dixon & Sophie Miller