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Conflicts Across Role 1 Guidelines


Dr. Andy Fisher and Dr. Steve Schauer join us along with Sarah Johnson and Ryann Lauby to discuss their paper, "An Analysis of Conflicts Across Role 1 Guidelines." The paper, published last year in Military Medicine, compared a number of DOD pre-hospital care guidelines, including the SMOG. The authors concluded that "the reduction or elimination of conflicting information across the various guidelines, augmentation of guidance for pediatric care, more specific guidance for unique levels of care, and clear delineation of the Role 1 phases of care (as well as which guidelines are more appropriate to each) should be considered as urgent priorities within the military medical community."
Our podcast has always tried to incorporate the perspective of rotary-wing flight medics from the different branches of service. When we discuss clinical topics, we survey guidelines and protocols across the DOD in an effort to identify conflicts and, hopefully, discern best practices. This paper is directly related to that work, and this conversation is a great way to understand the authors' intent as well as ways forward. Please give it a listen and let us know your thoughts!

Johnson, S. A., Lauby, R. S., Fisher, A. D., Naylor, J. F., April, M. D., Long, B., & Schauer, S. G. (2020). An Analysis of Conflicts Across Role 1 Guidelines. Military Medicine.


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