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by Monika O'Hanlon
Dying with Mon

Dying with Mon Trailer


It’s been a grim year. Death has never been more highlighted around the world than in 2020. On top of everything else that can get us, now we’ve got Covid-19 breathing down our necks - and it’s terrifying! Dying is the great connector, it’s the one thing we all have in common. So why are many if us SO afraid of it? The scariest thing about what happens when we die is - we just don’t know. Which is why I'm bringing in the big guns. Join me – Monika O’Hanlon for series one of Dying with Mon as I chat with people from different religions and movements such as The Church of All Worlds, Raëlianism, the Hare Krishna Movement, clairvoyants, the Noosa Temple of Satan and more. So if you’re scared, or just curious – click Subscribe – tell a mate – and let’s come to grips with our mortality – together. 


Created by Monika O'Hanlon



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by Monika O'Hanlon