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by Monika O'Hanlon
Dying with Mon

Raëlism - Peter Heaven


We have arrived at the final episode for series 1 of Dying with Mon 💀!

I'm so excited to share this conversation with you! Today I’m speaking with Peter Heaven, a Level 4 guide within the Raëlian movement. If you've never heard of this community, you are certainly in for a treat.

The Raëlian Church was founded in the 1970s by French race-car journalist, Maitreya Rael after an extraordinary encounter with a human being from another planet.

I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation with Peter, and I really hope you do to.


Host: Monika O'Hanlon

Creator of Would You Rather... and North East Arnhem Land with Mon.

With thanks to our guest: Peter Heaven

Read more about Raëlism by following the link below 👇


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Episode 7

by Monika O'Hanlon