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Dyslexia in Adults

Dyslexia in Adults

Dyslexia in Adults

About Dyslexia in Adults

Welcome to the Dyslexia in Adults podcast, a weekly podcast discussing the reality of dyslexia, but only in adults.

I'm Natalie, the Founder of Dyslexia in Adults, and I am incredibly passionate about talking specifically about adult dyslexia.

It frustrates me so much when people talk about child dyslexia with only a cursory mention of adult dyslexia. When you think about it, there are more adults with dyslexia as nearly seventy percent of the worlds population are over the age of eighteen! There is also a wave of adults being diagnosed with dyslexia later in life, with little or no information about how to navigate the challenges that are specific to adults with dyslexia.

It also doesn’t help those people who want to help adults with dyslexia; line managers, work colleagues, friends, family, if the only information available is that to support children as opposed to what it means to have and support dyslexia in adulthood.

I have rolled up my sleeves, and I am determined to create a space where we only talk about adult dyslexia. It's not part of the conversation, it is the conversation.

Come and join the conversation and help us grow the community. All I ask is that, if you find the content valuable, please rate, review and share this podcast to help others find it.


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