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by Christopher Kinney
Ecovillage Library

Be Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind (with Vera Franco)


Interview guest: Vera Franco (verafranco.org) facilitator for greater consciousness and presence in communities; businesses; next cultures; and learning environments, centered on authentic adulthood initiatory processes.  Contact Ecovillage Library Podcast at: ecovillagelibrary@gmail.com or leave a voice message! If you'd like to donate to Ecovillage Library, follow the link: paypal.me/ecovillagelibrary or you can also support the Ecovillage Library Podcast on Patreon here.  Musical credit: Michael Kinney at instagram.com/mkinney1 and https:/.youtube.com/channel/UCF7b4Wi2qeNBb3-AusWWvqg

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by Christopher Kinney