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by Ed Mead
Ed Talks

Ed Talks - 'Dialogue with David’- Ed was invited onto David Sandeman’s new series (David IS Mr. Auctions)


This time, it's Ed's turn to be in the hot seat and we really wanted to share this with you.
Viewber co-founder, Ed Mead was invited onto David Sandeman’s new series – ‘Dialogue with David’

David is head of the Essential Information Group and has been watching us grow the business at Viewber since 2016 

David IS Mr Auctions and is so full of knowledge. 

This is a relaxed and honest chat between Ed and David, the two share snippets of their personal journeys in property – both very different (ex-estate agent vs auctioneer) and we start by jumping straight it with ‘what gave you the idea to set it (Viewber) up in the first place?’ 



by Ed Mead